Registration Help

Can I use one email account to administer all of my schools?

As of this year, yes! If we have not already contacted you about consolidating your email accounts, complete the Unify Multiple Schools form, and we will take care of this for you.

Note: If you are a District Administrator, as well as a School Administrator, you will still need two email addresses.

The registration form is not accepting my email address.

First, make sure you are using the correct format for an email address. But if you are receiving an error message that says 'The email you chose is not available', it will be because that email address is already in the system. This will happen for one of the following reasons:

  1. You are already registered as a School Administrator. If you think this might be the case, try logging in on the Registration home page. If you do not have your password, click on the 'Forgot password?' link.
  2. You are registered as a District Administrator. You may not use the same email address for both a District Administrator, and a School Administrator. If you are a District Admin, register as a School Administrator with a different email address. If you don't have another email address, you can either sign up for a new Gmail address, or you can contact ISSA at and request a email address.

If you have multiple accounts and will thus be receiving email notifications on each of the accounts, consider forwarding emails to your main email address, so you only need to check one account. You will, however, need to use each of the addresses to login. But all of your accounts can use the same password.

How do I register my school with ISSA? We have never been a member.

You can register your school, as well as register yourself as the team administrator, by going to Register a NEW School in the sidebar menu.

Once you submit this form, we will create a record for your school, and send you back information about how to complete registration.

How do I add / remove / change students on my school team?

You can add a new students, remove a current student, or edit a current student's information once your team has been registered with ISSA.  Once you're logged in, go to your school's page. If you do not see a list of your schools, click on the 'My Schools' button in the right sidebar.

  • To add a student, click on the green '+' symbol, and enter the First and Last name and select the correct Graduation year, then click the Add Student button.
  • To remove a student, click on the red 'X' next to the the corresponding student.
  • To edit a student's info, just change the information, and click on 'SAVE ALL CHANGES' at the bottom of the screen.

How can I get a copy of my ISSA invoice?

If you are already a registered administrator with your school, login to the ISSA registration page. Once logged in, there will be a link to view your school's invoice in the sidebar menu.


I’m a new coach / school administrator for my team. How do I access my team’s info?

Each school has an Administrator that can edit the school data for ISSA. If you are taking over for a previous administrator for a team that is already registered with ISSA, you need to be approved by your District Admin to gain access to your school's information. Click Register as School Admin in the right sidemenu.

  • Enter the School Administrator's (can be a coach or adult advisor) First and Last Name, Phone #, and Email Address
  • Enter and Confirm your a password
  • Select the District
  • Select the School or Club
  • Review the ISSA ByLaws and accept the rules
  • Click the Register Button

The District Admin will review your request and grant you access to your team's information, which you will then be able to modify throughout the season.


Can I view information for other teams?

Yes. Click on School Directory in the right submenu, and select a District.  Click on a school to view basic contact info and a list of registered students.


I’m a district administrator, but I’m not receiving any email notifications.

If you are one of the new District Administrators you will receive an email with the subject “Gmail Forwarding Confirmation”. Click on the Confirm Request long link in the email, and you should get a “Confirmation Success!” screen. This will allow us to filter emails for your District directly to you using Gmail's filter settings. If you do not receive this email, please contact and let ISSA staff know, so it can be resent.

Once this process is completed, you should receive email notifications, as follows:

  • When a new administrator registers
  • When a new school or club is registered
  • When a school or club information is updated, including adding or removing students.

If you are not receiving any of these emails, please checks your spam folder. You may find that they collected there. If so, mark any of these emails as NOT SPAM, and from there on you should receive the emails in your Inbox.

I need more help. Who do I contact?

You may contact your District Administrator for questions regarding your school's online registration process. For additional technical assistance, email